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Englefield Herefords

0 Hereford suckler

Our pedigree herd of 40 Hereford suckler cows was established by Richard and Zoe Benyon in 2009.

The cows are based at Mayridge Farm, Englefield and calve mainly in the spring. Many of their offspring are sold as breeding stock to other pedigree and commercial farmers. The herd, including our magnificent bulls, is regularly shown and it has earned numerous trophies and rosettes at shows around the country.

The Hereford is well known for its distinctive white face and red coat. They are also known for their calm temperament. The herd fits well in our mixed farm; with a largely grass based diet they are perfectly suited to managing our traditional pastures, using straw from our arable crops for bedding and returning much-needed farm yard manure to our soils.


Farming on the Estate continues to make an important contribution to the rural economy, our landscape and the environment, whilst supporting many livelihoods and local communities.

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At Englefield, we take a long-term view and strive to combine successful business with good stewardship of the Estate’s landscape and wildlife habitats.

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