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Latest news

Young people given a chance to shine at The Big House with support from the Englefield Charitable Trust

Young people with a passion for drama have been given a chance to take centre stage with valuable funding from the Englefield Charitable Trust (ECT), which will support students undertaking a 12-week drama programme with The Big House.

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Latest news

Gravity Industries picks Lagoona Park lake to train new generation of Jet Suit pilots

The human most akin to Marvel superhero Iron Man is using Lagoona Park near Reading to take his pioneering aeronautical engineering feat – a Jet Suit – to the next level.

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Latest news

Great British Food Festival comes to Englefield House

We are pleased to announce that the renowned Great British Food Festival will be at Englefield House on Saturday, June 29th and Sunday, June 30th 2019.

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The Englefield Estate has never operated in isolation. We are acutely aware of the importance of being good neighbours and playing an active role in matters that affect the community.

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Englefield Estate — living our values

The Englefield Estate is a modern, flexible organisation but one mindful of its heritage. Estates are of course about land and buildings but most of all they are about the people who work there, live there, make their living from it or use it for their leisure. Running a successful business is important but so is protecting the environment and playing a full role in supporting the wider community. This has always been at the heart of what the Englefield Estate does and is reflected in our Mission and Vision.

Englefield Charitable Trust

For almost 50 years the Englefield Charitable Trust has supported a range of charities and good causes which include education, the arts, social welfare, health, conservation and the armed forces.

Environment & Field Sports

At Englefield, we take a long-term view and strive to combine successful business with good stewardship of the Estate’s landscape and wildlife habitats.

Estate News

Latest news from across the Estate.

Great British Food Festival comes to Englefield

Get your tickets for 29th & 30th June 2019.

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