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The Englefield Estate

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Latest news

Standby Volunteer Group receive valuable funding from the Englefield Charitable Trust

A group of dedicated volunteers in Theale have received funding from the Englefield Charitable Trust to continue providing transport for people who either cannot drive or struggle to use public transport.

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Latest news

GreenFest launches to inspire an eco-friendly West Berkshire

A festival has been launched to inspire eco-friendly living throughout West Berkshire. Organised by the local community for the local community, GreenFest will take place on Saturday, September 7th, between 10am and 4pm, across six venues in Hampstead Norreys.

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Latest news

Englefield Estate Update - Summer 2019

Welcome to our summer Estate Update with news and features from the Englefield Estate and the Benyon Estate.

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The Englefield Estate has never operated in isolation. We are acutely aware of the importance of being good neighbours and playing an active role in matters that affect the community.

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Englefield Estate — living our values

The Englefield Estate is a modern, flexible organisation but one mindful of its heritage. Estates are of course about land and buildings but most of all they are about the people who work there, live there, make their living from it or use it for their leisure. Running a successful business is important but so is protecting the environment and playing a full role in supporting the wider community. This has always been at the heart of what the Englefield Estate does and is reflected in our Mission and Vision.

Englefield Charitable Trust

For almost 50 years the Englefield Charitable Trust has supported a range of charities and good causes which include education, the arts, social welfare, health, conservation and the armed forces.

Environment & Field Sports

At Englefield, we take a long-term view and strive to combine successful business with good stewardship of the Estate’s landscape and wildlife habitats.

Estate News

Latest news from across the Estate.